Though a cheer rose when the Presidio Parkway opened eight hours ahead of schedule, all was not blue skies and happiness for The Roadway Formerly Known As Doyle Drive. According to an architect on the project, the pressure for Caltrans get the roadway done within the window of this weekend's closure has led to a dangerous issue with some lanes.

As you know, Doyle Drive had been closed since Thursday night (yes, even to you, Edward Wong), with an expected reopening of 5 a.m. Monday. However, project spokeswoman Molly Graham told the Chron Sunday evening that "Everything’s lining up to open early" and "the $1.1 billion Presidio Parkway, which replaces Doyle Drive," would open Sunday night.

It appears, however, that Graham's use of the phrase "lining up" is especially unfortunate, as KRON4 reports that the the opposite occurred.

"Caltrans had a striping problem while laying down lane markers, with roughly a three-foot gap between lane makers leading into the tunnel," KRON reports, quoting tunnel architect Michael Painter as saying “They did this over the weekend and this did this part incorrectly."

“It’s supposed to be a 10 foot wide shoulder, and all the lanes should be parallel...the whole thing has to be pushed over," he said.

“Someone, in the rush to get this open, made an error.”

Though Graham tells KRON that the dangerous lanes the lanes are only a “temporary alignment,” Painter is not shy at expressing his disapproval, and says that drivers need a blinking light to warn them of the borked lanes.

“If you have an accident," he says, "whether its temporary or permanent doesn’t really make a difference."

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