Well, this is funny. In addition to all the Oaklanders who've been drinking since 7 or 8 this morning while waiting for the Warriors victory parade to start, Warriors team member Draymond Green looks and sounds like he may not have ever gone to bed last night! In the video above, parts of which are getting Vined all over the place, Green tells Comcast SportsNet, "It's our league, and we run this... Cavaliers, NOPE. We won! Yup! They suck!"

Coincidentally, SFist just got a press release noting that Green and fellow players Marreese Speights, Brandon Rush and Festus Ezeli all rolled into Temple Nightclub this morning just after 1 a.m. "with an entourage of about 20 friends ready to party before the big parade this morning in Oakland." Between them they put away "a 6-liter bottle of Moët Nectar Rosè, eight magnum bottles of Moët Rosè, two bottles of Hennessy, a bottle of Belvedere vodka and a bottle of Patrón." And that was all before last call less than an hour later?!

Also, "Having a rock star moment, Green popped the liter of Moët Nectar Rosè and sprayed it over the crowd of partygoers from the DJ booth."

Kind of like he was doing with fans' champagne bottles on the parade route just an hour ago!

Here's one of the Vine clips of the "they suck" part of Green's interview, which is already going viral.

Here he is with a drink in his hand on a bus during the parade itself.

Meanwhile, Green's mom was right there in the same room! And she says some touching things to the same CSN correspondent, and Marshawn Lynch comes up to hug her.

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