Five blocks away from the end of the Warriors victory parade route this afternoon, just before Mayor Libby Schaaf was about to take the stage at the rally beside Lake Merritt, three people were shot just across the lake on Lakeshore Avenue. And this is pretty depressing.

Local rapper Tay West caught cell phone video of the scene just as paramedics arrived to treat the three victims. As you can see, there are many parade-goers in the street and circling the chaotic scene.

Not sure why this was cause for an "lol"...

The Oakland Tribune captured their own video, and they report that the shooting occurred at "12:11 p.m. in the 1800 block of Lakeshore Avenue, near the Merritt Bakery."

Witness Dan Eaton, 34, of Oakland said he was about 200 yards from the shooting, describing it as "Three shots went off pop pop pop and people started running. It was too crazy."

He adds, "It was a real celebratory day then something like this has to happen, It's too bad. It sucks."

Other witnesses say they saw the gunman flee on foot.

One victim is reported as in critical condition, and the other two victims are in serious condition. We'll update you as we learn more.

Update: The Chronicle reports that all three victims were male, and that all three suffered wounds that were not life-threatening.