Goodbye Chevy's, but hello Taco Bell Bar & Grill, or whatever it's going to be called. Taco Bell has confirmed for Hoodline that, after testing a new "upscale" concept restaurant serving beer and wine in Chicago's Wicker Park this summer, San Francisco will be the next market to get something similar. This would be going in at 710 Third Street, at Townsend, next to the Safeway, and so far we don't know what it will be called.

A Taco Bell rep says that the new concept will "feature the same craveable, affordable, Mexican-inspired tastes at Taco Bell," but with the addition of some new appetizers, as well as beer, wine, and something called "mixed alcohol freeze" drinks, which maybe have to come in under the 24 percent alcohol threshold for the Type 41 liquor license.

Mashable cracked wise about the new booze concept when news of the Chicago plan came out a few weeks back, saying "Taco Bell will sell alcohol, although alcohol usually sells Taco Bell." And its true, with their late-night hours, and via plenty of their late-night TV ads geared toward drunks and stoners, Taco Bell pretty much has the market cornered on ill advised, fast-food munchies. So now they're just going to help you get to that impaired-judgement place a little faster, wherein a couple chalupas and a Crunch Wrap Supreme sound really good as a 4000-calorie second dinner.

Also, Mashable jokes, "Sounds like a Mountain Dew margarita is in order."