First off, we're hoping everyone involved in what was possibly an accident, we aren't sure, is okay and not seriously injured. SFist has reached out to SFPD, and they're looking into it.

As far as the vehicles involved, all you really need to know here is that Scoot is a a network of electric scooters that's somewhere between a bike-share and Zipcar and that Big Bus is a hop-on, hop-off tour bus company. The intersection is Sutter and Powell.

This is the Scoot policy for accidents and damage. As always, please Scoot responsibly.

Damage Fee/Deductible: Up to $500 for Scoot, $2,500 for Super Scoot. Accidents happen. If you report the damage to Scoot Networks we will not charge you more than these amounts (and usually much less). We don’t make money on repairs. We charge members at cost (less than half what most scooter shops charge).

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