Chefs and co-owners Margie Conard and Dana Tommasino of the shuttered Woodward's Garden will be replanting their business as Gardenias in Lower Pacific Heights, Tablehopper informs us.

Fans of the 1992 established white-tablecloth restaurant, who notably included Martha Stewart, were bereaved when Woodward's Garden closed last year following the expiration of its lease. At that spot, teetering on the edge of the Mission at the corner of Mission and Duboce beneath the Central Freeway, Woodward's Garden goers could expect mismatched vintage china and seasonal fare.

The new location for Tommasino and Conrad, 1963 Sutter at Fillmore in the current Roostertail space, was renovated just around four years ago and includes a back patio to boot. We'll keep you in the know with any updates, but as of now the restaurant is shooting for a July opening.

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