If Burning Man were not already a pretty expensive endeavor for the common folk, a new airline that is actually named Burner Air is offering quick flights for all those who can afford not to sit in traffic at the gates, starting at $2,199 (for a roundtrip from San Francisco). As CBS 5 reports, the Santa Monica-based airline is offering flights from SF, LA, and Reno, with LA-to-Black Rock City round trips starting at $2,999.

One-way fares from SF and LA are priced at $1,199 and $1,599, respectively. You can also rent a whole plane from SF for $14,623, round trip. And, right now, they're offering a referral bonus — if you have 9 wealthy friends you refer to Burner Air this year, you'll get yourself a free one-way flight from SF.

But it looks like if you heard about Burner Air a little bit earlier, like before 7 a.m. this morning when CBS posted their story, you could have saved some money. The news station's original story put the SF-Black Rock City round trip at $1,750, but that may have just gone up as of today, unless they had their info wrong.

Burner Air is billing itself as "the fastest way to burn. Avoid the traffic and travel in style," and certainly this will probably appeal to a lot of latter-day Burners who travel in corporate enclaves, stay in well appointed RVs, and bring their own chefs and such.

In previous years, you had to be even more wealthy or work for a company that was chartering a plane to get the same service, so this just means the market is widening for the easy in-easy out version of Burning Man.

Meanwhile, individual tickets to Burning Man itself are currently going for between $1200 and $2500 apiece on the black market also known as Craigslist. But you can still buy more reasonably priced tickets on the Secure Ticket Exchange through July 24.

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