A 50-year-old man ended up in a Bay Area hospital Sunday, after he was injured in an altercation that began after he offered some unsolicited opinions about a woman's weight.

According to a spokesperson from the Bay Area city of Salinas' Police Department, the victim was inside a Little Caesars pizza restaurant at 524 East Laurel Drive at 4:30 p.m. Sunday when a woman and her adult son entered the store.

The man, who apparently did not know either of them, told the woman that “she should not eat pizza because she was already overweight,” Salinas PD spokesperson Commander Sheldon Bryant says.

It's unclear what, other than the woman's physique, might have suggested to the man that it was acceptable or appropriate to make such a comment, Bryant says.

Reacting to the remark, the woman went to her car to retrieve a crowbar, presumably to assault the fat shamer.

Before she could strike a blow, however, her companion punched the man in the head "several times," Bryant says.

Paramedics transported the man to the hospital for minor injuries as a result of the attack, Bryant says. He is expected to survive.

The woman and her son left the scene before officials arrived, and remain at large. Bryant did not know if the suspects were able to grab any pizza (or delicious, delicious Crazy Bread) prior to their escape.