Continuing their winning streak of national honors — which has kept tables at State Bird Provisions and now The Progress pretty hard to come by — chefs Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski just garnered another: The Progress is among five new spots across the U.S. in Food & Wine's inaugural list of Restaurants of the Year.

Restaurant editor Kate Krader picked the five winners, which will appear in the magazine's July issue along with their 10 annual picks for Best New Chefs, announced back in March (and SF got shut out from that list this year for the first time in a while).

Of the food, Krader notes that The Progress is relatively "a bargain," with its six-course, $65 family-style prix fixe (not including beverages or any extras), and writes that Brioza is the "the flavor genius behind Treasure Chest [soup]: sausage, trout quenelles and sweet onion-and-rice dumplings in a rich pork broth."

Other new restaurants that Krader honors are The Grey, a new spot fashioned out of a former Art Deco Greyhound station in Savannah, Georgia; New York's Cosme; chef Ludo Lefebvre's Trois Mec spinoff Petit Trois in L.A.; and Spoon and Stable in Minneapolis.

Just last month, the Best Chef: West prize went to Brioza and Krasinksi at the James Beard Awards, although The Progress did not win in the Best New Restaurant category — State Bird did, though, two years ago. And State Bird was also named one of Bon Appetit's Best New Restaurants in 2013 — something that may happen again for The Progress when that magazine's list comes out later this summer.