Taking over the short-lived second location of Cafe Claude, which closed at 2120 Greenwich Street this past winter after just 18 months, will be the Michael Mina Restaurant Group, which will be quickly turning the space over to become a rotating test kitchen of sorts for up-and-coming chefs within the company. As Inside Scoop reports, chef Michael Mina says there have been "a lot of talented people" in his employ over the past few years, and this space presented itself as a turnkey opportunity to test out a few different concepts before potentially settling on one and making it permanent.

Mina says, "We’ve had some ideas about what we want to do, so when this opportunity presented itself, we thought why not use [this space as it is] first and then when we eventually figure it out, we will do a little tweaking to make the sure the room feels exactly like the concept."

The 1600-square-foot space underwent a significant buildout for the expansion of Cafe Claude less than two years ago, and Mina says the kitchen is "impeccable."

The first chef who'll be getting to use it: RN74 chef Adam Sobel, who'll be testing out a Middle Eastern concept in collaboration with Mina himself. Sobel is half Israeli, and Mina was born in Egypt, and the first menu they'll be testing out will blend cuisines from the whole region, including Israel, Turkey, Egypt, and Lebanon.

The opening date and pop-up name are still TBA.

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