In case you aren't familiar, Pink Zebra is a “Mediterrasian perma-pop-up" that popped up last year inside Tao Yin restaurant in the Mission. Its chef, Jesse Koide, cut his teeth in the kitchen at Mission Chinese Food, and he opened Pink Zebra inside someone else's kitchen and established restaurant the same way Mission Chinese opened in the now former Lung Shan. Given all that hipster cred, it stands to reason that Koide would be tapped for Vice's ongoing Munchies video series (previous participants have included Dominique Crenn and State Bird chefs Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinksi). Watch as he and his wife Angela, his pal Riley, and his sushi chef Ryo head out on the town to House of Prime Rib, The Alembic, and to the Lone Palm. And, Koide notes of House of Prime Rib, "I always forget to ask about the fish [on the menu]. I've never seen anyone order it."