We warned you!! In an annual tradition just as beloved here at SFist as the posting of Bay to Breakers costumed revelry, we now bring you KRON4's Stanley Robert's requisite "People Behaving Badly" segment all about B2B runners urinating publicly wherever they please. In a twist this year, he caught several people urinating on or next to actual porta-potties, either because the lines were too long or because they didn't want to smell the inside.

In one case, a group dressed as Kim Jong Un and some of his North Korean guards went ahead and pissed next to some porta-potties right in front of Stanley, with one of the guys flipping Stanley off the entire time. So that's fun. (Also, this year, it looks like Stanley put up a rough cut above, before doing a final cut, which you can view below, in which he closes with shaming one of the booze-patrol people who was confiscating unopened containers of booze.)

Also, as SFist's Joe Kukura points out with the photo below, the SFPD put out large signs this year that said NO PUBLIC URINATION, in case people didn't get the message.

Here's Stanley's final cut, or Part 2, of this Bay to Breakers edition of "People Behaving Badly."

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