Prius owners now have something else to worry about beyond being the least cool people on the road—thieves are now breaking in for their car batteries.

According to a report by ABC 7, there has been a recent uptick in San Francisco where hybrid cars are being broken into for their batteries. John Nashed had his Prius broken into, his insurance adjuster told him, "I actually have three cases that I'm working on. Same exact problem."

Mechanics think the thieves are professionals, because improperly removing the battery could lead to a thief being electrocuted by the 200 volt unit. If they know what they're doing, a thief could remove one in 20 minutes and sell one on Craigslist, where they're going for up to $1,000.

For the car owner, it could take up three weeks and $10,000 in repairs to get their car back up and running.

SFPD says they're becoming aware of the growing problem, and a Toyota executive told the station that they're working on finding a way to protect the batteries in the cars.