UC Berkeley Police officers say they think they know who put a camera in the restroom of a women's dormitory this April, but so far, no arrests have been made in the super creepy case.

The camera was discovered a week ago in a restroom on the lower level of the Unit 1 Central Building, Bay City News reports.

According to the Unit 1 website, "The Central Building is the main hub of Unit 1 that is located beneath the plaza and includes Lower Levels of Christian and Slottman halls."

In a UC Berkeley campus crime alert issued yesterday, police said that in late April, signs were posted indicating that the women’s public restrooms in that building were closed. The signs instead directed women to use a staff restroom down the hall, by the building's loading dock.

The camera was found in that restroom, which the San Jose Mercury News identifies as "Room L72" on Friday, May 8. Police did not specify where the camera was located in the restroom, or how it was discovered.

US Berkeley Police say that they have "a person of interest" in the case "who is no longer associated with UC Berkeley." They declined to provide additional details on the suspect as of publication time.

They did say, however, that maintenance staff will be checking all residence hall restrooms for other recording devices.

Police are eager to find any victims of the covert photographer, and ask anyone who might have used that bathroom in April or May to contact Detective Pete Odyniec at 510-642-1606 or to email him at [email protected].