The proposed arena for the Golden State Warriors could be in big trouble as political consultant Jack Davis on behalf of the shadowy Mission Bay Alliance has threatened to tie up the project in court "until the cows come home," as the Chronicle reports.

But then again, we might see these new renderings of the interior of the arena come to life, since Governor Jerry Brown’s office recently (and hushedly) certified that the Warriors arena has met its environmental benchmarks, protecting it from many such legal challenges.

After the stadium design took a turn for the prettier from its original, latrine inspired look, the project gained a bit of momentum. Now an interior rendering, via Socketsite, could do the same. Here's that.


It looks like a basketball stadium. But, it's a slight improvement on the previous version, which is here.

Last, there's a cross section of the arena to study.

Of course, as we all watch the playoffs closely, we'll also be keeping half an eye on the fate of the project.

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via Socketsite