The city attorney is threatening to sue McDonald's over the constant and apparently unchecked drug activity that occurs on the premises and around the restaurant's location at Haight and Stanyan. Per a letter sent by City Attorney Dennis Herrera to McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook, the city has received "numerous complaints regarding narcotics trafficking in and around" that McDonald's, and it just via arrest reports it appears to be an ongoing major hub of drug sales in the neighborhood.

As the letter states, via the Examiner, "In the last six months the police have recovered more than 100 doses of LSD, over two pounds of marijuana, 88.5 grams of psilocybin (psychedelic mushrooms), more than half of a pound of marijuana edibles, and hashish from drug dealers selling their products on [McDonald's property]."

Of course, anyone familiar with the environs of Hippie Hill and the Upper Haight knows that this is obviously the case and either flocks to or avoids that McDonald's according to their tastes and drug needs.

As KPIX/CBS 5 adds, police have been called to the location 641 times just since January 1, 2014, so that's more than once a day.

The letter also states that "The franchisee has refused to address the issues, and the drug activity persists," so that is why the city is approaching the property owner, McDonald's. They're hoping that a full-time security guard can help take care of the problem, along with improved lighting on the property.

But do Herrera and the Park Station police think the drug dealers are going to roam that far away if these things happen?

Watch out, Whole Foods.