An Uber driver whose nose was broken after being attacked by a passenger is now suing the company for workers comp.

Abdo Ghazi filed the lawsuit in San Francisco Superior Court on April 28, seeking workers compensation insurance coverage from Uber Technologies. The complaint stems from an incident back on November 23, when Ghazi was attacked by a passenger in the Richmond District. The passenger, 26-year old David Lin, allegedly jumped into the front seat of Ghazi's car and began punching him in the face without any provocation. Ghazi suffered a broken nose and puncture wounds to the mouth and chin from a sharp object used in the attack, according to the San Francisco Business Times.

Because Uber considers drivers independent contractors, they do not provide any benefits or workers comp—though another recent court case is also challenging that notion. "Uber's misclassification of drivers as independent contractors gave it an unfair advantage over competing transportation companies, harmed Uber drivers, and violated state law," reads Ghazi's lawsuit.

"Our legal theory is that not providing workers compensation and misclassifying workers is an unfair business practice," said Alec Segarich, one of Ghazi's attorneys.

Because of the attack, Ghazi had to miss two months of work from his day job as a custodian and as an Uber driver. He claims to still be suffering from the attack and says he will continue to require medical care down the road.

The suspect in the attack, David Lin, was later taken into custody and has entered a plea of not guilty in charges related to the attack.

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