TMZ reports that rapper Lil B a.k.a. Lil B From The Pack a.k.a. Lil B The Based God is feuding with Oakland Airport's Red Lion hotel, and may the based god have mercy on that establishment.

First, Lil B was asked to leave his room when other guests complained about pot smoke emanating from it. His claim: hotel management told him security had entered his room while he wasn't there, and yep, they discovered a small bag of pot. He was asked to leave.

But when Lil B went back to get his belongings, $10,000 in cash that he had for some reason was gone, he says. Mr. B went to Oakland Police with the claim when he couldn't get any help from the hotel.

For the uninitiated, here's just a little bit a bout Lil B's musical stylings from Slate.

Lil B is a brilliantly warped, post-Lil-Wayne deconstructionist from the Bay Area. He freestyles prolifically and deftly (or, when he feels like it, gloriously ineptly), dabbles in ambient music, extends metaphors so far that they break down and lose any metaphorical component, calls himself a faggot but says he's not gay, calls himself a bitch, calls himself Hannah Montana, says "fuck Justin Bieber" then says he's friends with Justin Bieber, compares himself to Aretha Franklin, Matlock, Jesus, Mel Gibson, and even your father. His Blue Flame mixtape is a good place to start exploring his unwieldy catalog

If you want to know more, here's a video of a Lil B track called "Ellen Degeneres."

And, for the sake of contrast, here's a lecture the based god gave at MIT.

Finally, it's worth noting that Lil B is a bit of a vegan tech thought leader. As Berkeleyside reports, he is an investor with a Los Angeles-based maker of the egg-free Vegenaise spread and helped develop and app called vegEMOJI which, yes, is emoji of vegan stuff.