Multiple times a month, remote controlled drones have been seen buzzing the iconic Golden Gate Bridge shooting videos like the one above, but there are a couple of major problems with this according to bridge officials, and they're hoping to get a law passed to address it. As the Marin Independent Journal reports, drones have been seen videotaping sections of the bridge behind security fences where photography is not allowed, which poses serious safety concerns. And then there's the issue of plain traffic and pedestrian safety, with one drone recently crashing right onto the roadway of the bridge.

As CBS 5 adds, the bridge district has reached out to Senator Dianne Feinstein — whom one can suspect has no patience for quadcopter drones — and the Federal Aviation Administration to add language to some proposed restrictions on drone flying that includes problems with remote-controlled trespassing in situations like this where there's a potential target for terrorism.

Denis Mulligan, the bridge district general manager, notes that at the moment they have no means of even citing drone users whom they catch flying drones behind security fences — though if it were an actual person jumping a fence, they could cite them.

He also says that the bridge district still embraces drone technology for its own purposes, saying, "We see it as a great tool for bridge inspection for areas that are hard to get to. But there need to be some rules."

Meanwhile, dramatic aerial footage of the bridges, the city, and the Bay are now becoming ubiquitous — though you'll see that in the finest examples like this and this, an actual helicopter was used, not a drone.

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