It's 2015, and kink is on the table. Or on the floor, in the basement, or hanging from the ceiling, as the case may be. And now San Francisco, innovation capital of the world by day and a leather mecca by night, is home to a company that rents your risqué spaces to sex tourists a la Airbnb. Yes yes, you say, Airbnb has always been employed for naughty vacations. But, as the louche world of kink comes out of the closet, there now exists an Airbnb-type service explicitly for kinksters: KinkBNB.

"Property Type: Dungeon:" reads the ad for one space perfect for an anniversary or murder. The Lascivious Lair," as it's called, is located in San Francisco at an address you learn upon booking. It's a "beautifully equipped modern play space with sling, bondage table, cage, throne/electric chair, fucking machines and so much more!" At $300 a night, of which KinkBNB takes 10 percent, the space accommodates 4 persons and is pet friendly.


"KinkBNB's dedication to privacy between consenting adults and their growing reputation systems help guests make the intelligent choice about where to spend their romantic vacation dollars," the company writes. KinkBNB was founded when one of the founder's friends had her space on a "major homesharing website" removed for "photos of her fully equipped sex dungeon," and so far a soft launch at trade shows and sex-positive events has garnered 100 signups. The site is now in beta and goes live on May 1st.

Until then, we can eagerly await juicy user reviews of retreats like "Suspension Lovers Delight!" and "La Douleur Exquise." Some spaces seem to provide lovely accommodations generally, from nice furnishing to great views. One spot even has a swing set, of a kind.

So, if you've got a sexy but underused oubliette, don't forget to sign up as a renter. As one founder, Darren McKeeman writes, "We need you and your lovely accommodations! Join us now and add your space before May 1st, and you will receive a 50% discount on host fees until July 1st. Think of the poor underused dungeon spaces that just want to have fun!"

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via KinkBNB