San Francisco police want the public to know that they really are trying harder this year to reign in the 4/20 chaos in Golden Gate Park, and they've been out there since dawn along with a band of early-arriving, truly committed stoner-partiers, telling people to put away their huge speakers and full-scale campsites.

As newly installed Park Station police captain John Sanford tells the press in an early release today, "As of 0900 hours we have already admonished over 100 people and had tents, tables, pits, commercial popcorn machines, large stereo systems, and speakers taken down and removed from the Park." Apparently stoners, and their gear, started arriving at 5 a.m. at Hippie Hill/Sharon Meadows.

As of just before noon, NBC Bay Area was reporting that "hundreds" were already gathered, but the weather looked pretty dismal and it being a Monday, the huge crowds may stay away. However Park Station anticipates anywhere between 5,000 and 15,000 to show up.

Sanford reported that one arrest had been made already this morning on an outstanding warrant, and five cars already had to be towed.

Neighbors have already noted that "immense" numbers were appearing, heading park-ward. Also, traffic on Stanyan=bad.

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