The winter storm that brought us a smattering of rain on Sunday is going to dump a fair bit more on us tonight and into tomorrow, and it will bring with it some possible thunder and lightning in parts of the Bay Area, as well as possible hail and temperatures in the 40s.

April is traditionally a time of year when conditions align for us to get a rare thunderstorm in the Bay Area. The reason for their rarity, as we discussed last year, is that thunderstorms typically require the kind of hot and humid conditions that we rarely ever have. It's not looking to be especially warm tonight, so I'm not sure why early April always brings this possibility, but it has the past few years.

Weather Underground puts the heaviest rain and possibility of thunder after midnight for SF, and the Chronicle says that some parts of the Bay Area could see up to two inches of rainfall tonight, which will be fantastic. There is a winter storm warning in effect for the whole Bay Area through 12 a.m. Wednesday.

Unfortunately, it's not the whopper of a storm that will make any big impacts, drought-wise, and even though snow is predicted for Tahoe as a result, it will likely melt in warmer weather by the end of the week.