Netflix, that great resurrector of TV shows past, may be very close to ordering a Full House reunion series called Fuller House. Presumably it's "Fuller" because the Tanners have taken on at least a dozen roommates with San Francisco's housing crisis in full swing.

Today, TVLine wrote that it "can exclusively confirm" the news, and Variety is reporting the move as nearly a done deal. The idea is for a 13-episode season, multi-cam continuation of the show.

The cast of Full House, which ran from 1987 to 1995 on ABC, has recently reunited for such starry occasions as a Super Bowl yogurt ad. Maybe the spirit was rekindled then? And perhaps the brewing show is why star John Stamos recently returned for a photo op at the Full House house?

Regardless, the citizens of the Internet had a lot to say about the news, especially given the recent spate of revivals and reunions.

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