It's not just that our West Coast home state grows the goody-goody. We've also been on the vanguard of marijuana culture and politics, starting way before the legalization of medical marijuana in 2003 with Senate Bill (no joke) 420. So this little nod to the BuzzFeed gif-listicle goes out to our East Coast friends smoking that schwag and getting paranoid while we inhale California's finest product. And, for that matter, a lot of it: 49 percent of the country’s cannabis sales in 2014 were right here in the Golden State.

1. That time you got a medical card and stepped into a dispensary.

2. And then, moments later, when you bought a ton of weed and knew where it was grown.

3. That time you didn't have to hide your sour diesel.

4. And you could toke up in pretty much any park.

5. When you could actually buy indica and sativa and compare their effects.

7. When that Humboldt County bud was way stronger than dry-ass leaves and stems from the Least Coast.

12. And it was so dank you moved out of Pacific Standard Time completely.

19. Then this happened:

20. And you were all like:

6. That time weed had its own mainstream culture here.

419. With West Coast icons.

420. And strong political support.

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