This may only be the case for a few more hours, but as Eater and Inside Scoop point out, the reservation books have opened for The French Laundry, post-winter-hiatus, and there are two months worth of reservations, including prime times, up for grabs. The notoriously tough-to-get tables are readily available because the restaurant closed up shop back in December for some kitchen renovations without a definite reopening timeframe.

At the time, chef-owner Thomas Keller promised that the restaurant would return before the renovations were complete with the help of a temporary kitchen built in shipping containers on the property. And that is now the case, with the temporary kitchen now ready to get up and running, starting April 7. It looks as though the restaurant's plan to implement a ticketing system either fell through or has been put on hold, with the move to OpenTable instead.

And once the reservation books are full, things will return to the old system in which reservations become available each morning for a day two months in advance.

The price, meanwhile, remains the same, starting $295 per person for the tasting menu, without wine, tax, or tip.

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