Inside the thoroughly revamped former Grand Cafe space at the Monaco Hotel, BDK Restaurant & Bar is a grand gesture to the form of the bar/restaurant itself. During his lifetime, Bill Kimpton of the Kimpton Hotels empire honored hotel drinking and dining as part and parcel of his guests' experience. BDK is therefore aptly named for his initials, Bill Drennon Kimpton.


At the restaurant, chef Heather Terhune has arrived from Chicago — you might recognize her from a Top Chef stint — and knew Kimpton while she was a pastry chef for him in the Windy City. (See the full menu down below.)

Eric Wolfinger

Behind the bar, the talent is Kevin Diedrich, known for opening nearby spots like Bourbon & Branch, The Burritt Room and Jasper's. At the former, he tells SFist he answered a serendipitous Craigslist ad from barman Todd Smith, launching a career that's taken him all over the country and has now brought him back where he started. Here, his cocktail list, with names that are simply the drinks' prominent flavors.

Swedish smokey tea vodka, salted pistachio, coconut-lychee milk, lime

Passion Fruit
highland blanco tequila, passion fruit, habanero shrub, vanilla, lime, bitters

irish whiskey, amaro, chamomile honey, lemon

London dry gin, plum wine, shiso, citrus, egg white, li-hing powder

Sherry, creme de noyaux, orange marmalade, pineapple, seasonal fruits, bitters

vsop cognac, martinique orange liquor, fino sherry, bitters

Snap Peas
London dry gin, manzanilla sherry, absinthe, sugar snap peas, lemon, tonic

rye whiskey, bianco vermouth, amaro, herbal liqueur, bitters

rye whiskey, eight year aged rum, sweet vermouth, herbal liqueur, bitters

House old fashioned
bourbon whiskey, vsop cognac, bitters

Bottled seasonal punch (22oz, serves 4-6)
bourbon whisky, manzanilla sherry, white peach tea, honey, lemon, slat, bitters
*Alison Weber, San Francisco

dry rye gin, blanco vermouth, cassis, bitters
*Claire-Jane Huster, BDK

London dry gin, Italian aperitif, matcha orgeat, creme de cacao, grapefruit
*Adrian Wong, BDK

saffron infused mezcal, italian aperitif, charred pineapple, lime,

Calvados, london dry gin, orgeat, lemon, biters

Blended scotch whisky, pomineau, allspice, maple, bitters

Old tom gin, calvados, sweet vermouth, herbal liquor, bitters

Japanese blended whisky, single malt scotch whisky, coconut, lemon, bitters

Polish rye vodka, amber vermouth, maraschino, bitters

Lowland reposado tequila, palo, cortado sherry, banana liquor, bitters

Cardamom N/A
blood orange cardamom shrub, pineapple, salt, soda

Strawberry N/A
strawberry-meyer lemon shrub, soda water


BDK Restaurant & Bar, 501 Geary Street at Taylor Street

Eric Wolfinger