Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch brawled with a drunk fan outside of a San Francisco bar on Friday night.

According to the TMZ report, Lynch and his entourage were on their way out when one member of Lynch's crew went after the man who called Lynch a "Seattle Sea Chicken."

The video is not very clear, but Lynch is singled out as the man wearing the white cap and is trying to break apart the fight. A witness says Lynch managed to go a little Beast Mode and throw in a few blows before it all dissipated. Bystanders can be heard saying, "That's Beast Mode, dude!"

At the end of the video you can see who is presumably the drunkard who incited the fight still taunting Lynch and his crew as they leave.

The Oakland native and former Cal Bear has yet comment on the incident, nor have the Seattle Seachic-, er, Seahawks.