Lucky 13 — the Upper Market dive bar both well loved and well worn — may be running out of luck according to Socketsite.

The establishment at 2140 Market St (near Church), along with its patio and large parking lot could — in the not so distant future — be the site of a five-story building with 31 condos over 1,200 square feet of ground floor commercial space. Or, at least, such plans that call for razing Lucky 13 have been submitted to the Planning Department for approval.

Prior plans to raze the bar in favor of a three-story building with 28 condos and an underground garage had been drafted in 2002, but were later abandoned. That was, according to Socketsite, "in part because the existing building is considered a historic resource."

As this LGBT preservation group tells us, "The building was the location of a string of popular gay dance bars with hippie, disco or Western themes from the early days of the neighborhood as a gay enclave: the Log Cabin (1970-1972); Mind Shaft (1972-1977); Alfie's (1977-1983); Prism (1984-1985); 2140 Market (1985); Industrial Dance; Company (1985-1986); High Chaparral (1986); Corral (1990). Among the important events that took place here: the victory party that marked Harvey Milk's election to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in November 1977."

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