Now, you might look at the newest trailer for San Andreas, the earthquake-focused film shot in San Francisco (among other places) last summer and assume that it is the standard goofball disaster film, the 2012 for the 2015 set. But you would be wrong, my friends. Oh, so wrong.

According to San Andreas star Dwayne Johnson (who, for the rest of this post, I will refer to "The Rock" the way some of you still call "Cesar Chavez Street" "Army Street"), the movie is way more than just shit blowing up/falling apart, as it is based in science!

"Our goal was to make a movie that was highly entertaining," The Rock tells his Instagram followers, "but weighted with quality from years of work and research." Years, you guys! The Rock was in a lab or a library or something for years!

Discussing his character "Chief Pilot Ray Gaines," The Rock describes it as the "#RoleOfALifetime," which worries me because the last thing we need is for The Rock to go all "the craft of acting" on us. Then again, that is an Inside The Actors Studio I wouldn't mind watching. "Dwayne. Tell us the role baby oil plays in your preparation for a part?"

San Andreas is set to hit theaters on May 29. Until then, enjoy watching San Francisco, and the rest of California, fall to pieces!

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