The second day of work after Daylight Saving kicks in is almost worse than the first, I think? On Monday, you can just convince yourself you feel cruddy because it's Monday, but when you're still dragging on Tuesday, you have to accept it: this is how you are going to feel for a while.

That's why, though I'm normally wary about participating in The John Oliver Video Sweepstakes, I feel I must in this case. Because, he's right, how is Daylight Saving still a thing?

“If you’re like most Americans, you’ve been groggy all day after losing an hour of sleep to Daylight Saving," the video begins.

"And as you struggle to remember the clock on your fucking microwave, you may have wondered: Why is this happening?”

Even the firebrands at SF Gate are fomenting anti-Daylight Saving sentiment, noting a that petition on the White House’s website needs (at the time of publication of this post) an additional 96,298 signatures to be considered by the administration.

It reads:

We desire that the US government abolish the practice of shifting clocks by an hour twice a year. Known as daylight saving time, the change in clock times disrupts sleep cycles and Circadian rhythms, leading to a decrease in productivity and mental health for an extended period of time after the shifts.

Studies about the energy savings of daylight saving time are contradictory and ignore the rise of the 24-hour store, internet commerce, and more efficient appliances and vehicles. Daylight saving time continues to be supported politically mostly due to entrenched business interests that desire an extra hour of sunlight after the end of the typical working day of 5 PM. Instead of shifting clocks twice a year, please pick either the forward or back hour and stick with it for the entire US.

You can sign it here.

Meanwhile, if Oliver's approach is too preachy for you, here's a (sadly, fake) trailer for Daylight Saving: Spring Forward, in which a villain does his evil...villainy during the hour we all lost this weekend: