Are you just about done with this life, unable to afford much more than $1000 in rent, and wholly unconcerned with the attractiveness of your surroundings? Allow me to point you to the ideal space in which to suffer your next few months on earth.

This gem of an in-law studio just appeared on Craigslist, listed at $1000 for 170 cozy square feet. There are only two photos, because a space this tiny can only provide so many possible angles. You probably don't want to see the bathroom anyway.


What is that accordion-folding thing? It appears to be the "closet" mentioned as an amenity. Did I mention there is no kitchen? Yes, no kitchen. Which renders this unit actually illegal. But the landlord has been kind enough to provide a mini-fridge that you can see poking out near the door above.

There is just that one, frosted over window. And gray carpet. Oh, and a "book shelf."

Price is probably the biggest selling point here, as living by oneself in SF, unmolested by other humans, for under $1500 is almost impossible these days. But the owner has pointed out how this is located in a "convenient location." Near Seacliff. In the Outer Richmond. At 30th and Clement.

I'm sorry for whatever has befallen you if you answer this ad. I'd like to tell you that it gets better. But after looking at these photos for a few minutes I'm not sure I can say that with any confidence.

In fact, I'm just going to go lie down. I'll be in my room, in the dark, if you need me.

What's the point.

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