Concluding an investigation into the incident, the California Highway Patrol has found that the plainclothes officer who was unmasked during a Black Lives Matter protest in Oakland and, reportedly fearing for his life, pointed a firearm at protesters, acted in accord with department policy. The Oakland Tribune reports that the investigation was completed three weeks ago.

"Was it unnerving? Yes. Shocking? Yes," Avery Browne, chief of the CHP's Golden Gate Division, said in a statement Thursday. On December 10th, after protesters began shouting that the unnamed officer and his partner, who had covered their faces, were cops, one protester struck his partner in the head, and he drew the weapon.

"We take that seriously when there's a display of a firearm, but had he not done that, today we might be having a different discussion," Brown continued. "He saved his partner's life and other citizens that were there too."

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