Referred to in its heyday as "the jewel" of the Southern Pacific Railroad's coast division, this large Bayshore train yard or roundhouse of the 1900s is now more of a "tombstone." But Abandonment Issues, part of the Discovery Network's Seeker series, went rooting around through the area's history and some very well-produced video to show for it. (A brief aside: is that supposed to be a punny, light-hearted name? Because I don't know about that.)

Anyway, as the narrator states, "You might pass this and assume it's the byproduct of some failure... but dilapidated... doesn't mean it wasn't important." The yard originally served as the heavy locomotive shops for the Southern Pacific system and a few of its subsidiaries, but in the era of dieselization, the shops — dedicated to steam engines — were shut down. The yard chugged along into the 1970s, eventually coming to a halt in the 1980s, eroding with time into its current appearance. These days, as you'll see in the video, only two storage tracks exist to mark the once-great yard. The video is a good deep-decay dive, so enjoy.