A 65-year-old woman was reportedly bruised and had to visit the hospital after a somewhat unclear run-in with a seemingly aggressive cyclist on a Marin County hiking trail. In what the Chronicle is calling a "trail rage" incident that involved someone, either the woman or the male mountain biker, not properly "yielding the trail," the woman was left with "multiple bruises on her arms, legs and head."

What's not entirely clear is whether the hiker suffered more injury from being knocked down by the bike, or if her injuries came more from an scuffle when the woman tried to chase after the offending bicyclist and take his photo with her phone.

This all happened last Thursday afternoon in the Terra Linda/Sleepy Hollow Divide Open Space Preserve outside San Rafael, where the woman was walking downhill along the 680 trail and the cyclist came barreling uphill. Marin Parks officials are not giving too many details because the case is under investigation, but the Marin Independent Journal has this:

Preliminary reports indicate the hiker was walking down the trail and the biker was riding uphill when they collided at low speed, the biker’s pedal or handlebar striking the hiker. Words were exchanged and the cyclist continued uphill. The hiker pursued the cyclist to take a photo of him with her cellphone, leading to a physical altercation.

The bicyclist, it seems, has been identified, and investigators have spoken with someone who was riding alongside him that day. No arrest has yet been made.

And needless to say, this is creating heightened tensions up north between hikers and bicyclists who must share these trails.