An aspiring robber tried to think outside the bun during an attempted robbery at the Taco Bell at California and Drumm Streets Tuesday night, but he ended up dropping the chalupa.

OK, I'll stop. I'm sorry! I should leave the jokes to you commenters, you guys are way better at it than I am. Here's what happened, according to the San Francisco Police Department: a 30-something man dressed in a hoodie and jeans walked into the Taco Bell at 7 Drumm Street at 8:15 p.m. Tuesday night.

He pointed what first appeared to be a handgun at a customer who was standing in line, and told everyone in the store to hit the ground. After that, he jumped over the counter and pointed the gun at a 29-year-old staffer, who grabbed the weapon.

That's when the robber was outed as a poser, as the gun apparently fell apart in their hands, "proving it was a fake weapon," Bay City News reports.

Leaving his toy gun behind, the suspect took off west down California Street, and hasn't been seen since.