As I'm sure you heard, even if you weren't stuck in any traffic as a result, President Obama was just in town for his 20th visit to the Bay Area. He stayed at the Fairmont Hotel this time, and following that "intimate" Democratic fundraising dinner at a home on Russian Hill which may or may not have sold out, Obama had a second dinner Friday night with a dozen or so tech heavyweights in the private Laurel Room at Spruce.

As Inside Scoop reports, we know Elon Musk and Marc Benioff were both in attendance for the two-and-a-half-hour dinner, along with about a dozen others including White House staff.

As the Chron notes, the food at Spruce "isn’t outrageously expensive, by presidential standards," however they fail to note, as Inside Scoop did, that that private dining room has a $3000 minimum.

Also, CBS 5 got an old codger from the neighborhood on the record complaining about the fact that glasses of wine are going for $12 at Spruce. "And I can go to Trader Joe's and get three bottles of wine for the same price," he adds.