As we all well know, being a cyclist or a pedestrian in SF is dangerous business sometimes. Well now two new maps created by Vision Zero — a policy campaign/task force comprised of city officials and supported by the SF Bicycle Coalition and Walk SF — show where the highest-risk corridors and intersections are for pedestrian and cyclist injuries and deaths, using CHP data from 2005 to 2011. And with the addition of skulls and crossbones where each fatality occurred, it's pretty upsetting!

Above is a screengrab of the cyclist injury map, which is fully interactive, and below is the pedestrian injury map, which can also be played with here. The cyclist data actually only goes back to 2007, and if it included incidents from 2011 to the present it would look even more crowded with Xs, especially given the bump in traffic we've seen on city streets during this population boom.

As San Francisco Public Press notes, the pedestrian map represents 5,325 injuries and 127 deaths over six years.

The cyclist map shows all high-injury corridors, and as Vision Zero explains, "Cyclist High-Injury Corridors are classified by injuries per mile using a natural breaks algorithm. Cyclist high-injury corridors represent 4% of San Francisco’s street miles, and include 60% of severe and fatal cyclist injuries and 50% of total cyclist injuries reported to the California Highway Patrol between 2007 and 2011."

It should be noted that incoming new SF Bicycle Coalition director Noah Budnick named Vision Zero as one of his top priorities.

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