We're at the midpoint of Season 2, and like I said back here, this is about where we should have been, plot-wise, by the end of Season 1. Patrick has completed a journey, sort of, from innocent romantic who falls for his married boss to the jaded person many of us become when we find out that romance is dead, and they always go back to their husbands, and life is unfair. So, it must be time to Facebook-stalk the guy you dumped in order to get with this one, and offer to drive him somewhere because he doesn't have a license.

The lights come up on Patrick looking sullen and irritated while playing with a spin-art machine at an office party, because this is what one does at a SoMa/tech office party. His coworkers are notably bitchy about Kevin, referring to him as "David Beckham" and Owen says, "I can't believe he gets to take credit for a game he barely worked on." The party is celebrating the sale of "15 million units" of some game that we've never seen, and Patrick is dying to duck out early. As he tries, Kevin chases him out, getting lip-quivering-sad as Patrick becomes cold and defiant about the whole situation. And I have to hand it to Patrick, because he's finally showing some balls and decisiveness, even if it didn't feel wholly realistic in the last episode that he'd only give Kevin one day and one shot at breaking up with his longtime boyfriend. "It's not that this is easy for me. You chose John. End of story." He walks out on an especially strong note, saying fliply, "And no one got hurt. It'll be fine, Kevin."

Cut to him jerking off to some porn at home, and then Facebook-stalking Richie, who's in need of someone with a license to help him drive a truck back from Oakland. Now that they're "friends," Patrick offers to help, and it turns out Richie and his cousin have a business selling ice cream trucks and the like to "hipsters" — in this case it's someone who's looking to turn it into a food truck selling shrimp meatballs. P.S. Am I the only one who thinks Richie just mumbles all the time?

The sideline plot in this episode is Augustin finally making the moves on Eddie, who pretends that he's sick in order to take some me-time away from work. Eddie, rightly, believes that Augustin is lonely and capricious and a little full of himself, and he's reluctant to let him think he can have whatever he wants. And he tells Augustin the story of how he became HIV positive — a boyfriend who said he was negative but actually wasn't. And then they get stoned and dance to some CeCe Peniston and it looks like they have sex anyway.

We see a shot of Kevin back at the office, flipping through the cards from that game he and Patrick had been looking at after their nooner in Episode Two. And then he reaches for the phone and dials John, the implication being that he's going to have the talk with him RIGHT NOW. But then John shows up, and he's all sweet and nice, and he just wants to use the spin-art machine to make a t-shirt, and he and Kevin kiss and it looks like Kevin has caved once again, or he's really just still in love with John and can't hurt him.

Back in Oakland, we're introduced to Richie's (kind of stereotypical?) family, with his sassy cousin Ceci who's a master car-detailer in true East Oakland style and immediately identifies Patrick as the "pinche puta madre" [motherfucker] who broke Richie's heart. They proceed to kick back with some cervezas, and Ceci says things like, "White guys are the worst," and "I would never date a fucking gringo." But then she warms up a little and pulls Patrick aside and tells him that when he and Richie were dating, "I've never seen him be so into anyone... and when he came to borrow two hundred bucks for a suit for some wedding you were taking him to, that's when I knew."

Then Patrick has a heart-to-heart with Richie, telling him how he needs to let his dad back in his life. Then they get in their ice cream truck to drive back to SF and Patrick, for some unknown reason, decides to tell Richie about the time he had sex with Kevin while he and Richie were still dating. And then Richie, obviously pissed, just shakes his head, and for some unknown reason tells Patrick, "Despite you being a pinche puta [something] madre, I'll be very sad if you weren't in my life anymore." And Patrick says, "Me too."

Ugh. So does this mean they're getting back together?? I know everyone loves Richie, and he's nice and genuine and everything. But he mumbles! And Patrick obviously wasn't into him enough to NOT have sex with Kevin, so I'm still Team Kevin. I don't care. And I don't like where this is headed.

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