I admit it, I live in a lovely glass house, from which I endeavor not to throw stones. I make typos, oftentimes embarrassing ones, on a regular basis. Did I tell you about the time I screwed up an anthrax-scare headline by referring to "White Power" not "Powder"? Yeah, that was great. But when a major news organization like the Associated Press transmits a story with a decidedly bizarre headline, and that headline remains uncorrected on our local website-of-record for nearly a full day, well, I gotta say something.

"Angry owl’shits warrantwarning signs" was apparently the headline of the story that the Associated Press sent to subscribers Thursday. It's a headline that around 244 AP members have yet to catch and/or care to repair, if this google search I just did is any indication.

Our hometown heroes, the SF Gate, are one such subscriber. Since the story posted early yesterday afternoon, at least 10 Gate commenters have noted the issue, with one saying "I can't even write Al Shitaton without getting content disabled. What's up with that?" and another noting that "I had the angry owlshits once, who'd of thought it would be so awful? who? WHOO!"

The strange headline, however, remained as of 10:35 a.m. today, 19 hours post-publication. That's some seriously angry owl shit.

(Update11:09 a.m.: eternally vigilant SFist commenter tarniv says "Hah, guess the Chron is reading sfist. Headline now fixed (but the URL above still works), with an "Updated 10:56 am" note." Now, that's service!)

Now, I'm not throwing shade, because, like I said, I've made some doozies of errors in my day. However, when my mistake is pointed out, I do do my best to fix it right damn quick. Why hasn't SF Gate done that? Beats me, but Gate commenter nosferatu might have a solid hunch: