Looks like you'll have to head to the Mission location of The Fizzary for your microbrew chai cola or whatever as the soda store's offshoot on Haight Street is closed for a concept change and maybe for good.

A post on Craigslist indicates that owner Taylor Peck is looking to sublease at least the Haight Street Fizzary and is seeking a retail pop-up to take over the lease temporarily. Peck says there's a chance he'll reopen after that pop-up, but isn't sure.


The Mission location at 25th Street is top priority for Peck, and with the focus off Haight Street, he's got some plans at the flagship Fizzary. "We’ve been going through the process of getting our foodservice side up and running (i.e. a soda bar) and bringing our brewery online for Taylors Tonics wholesale production," Peck tells SFist. "That part will be really cool, once our brew kettles/micro-bottler for test batches, etc. are up and running (and will be visible from the Fizzary shop)."

Peck also tells SFist he's thinking of doing soda delivery or something, and he recently started supplying Brewcade in the Castro with offerings like Cheerwine and Nugrape, so maybe he'll continue to source the bubbles at other San Francisco bars and restaurants.

via Craigslist