Did Democratic fundraisers manage to fill all the deeply-discounted seats at the "intimate" dinner with President Obama scheduled for Friday night? We're not so sure about that, but there's one thing we do know: traffic in San Francisco tonight and tomorrow will be suffering as a result of POTUS' 20th visit to the Bay Area.

According to the White House, Air Force One is expected to arrive at SFO at 5:40 this evening, for what the Chron notes will be his 20th visit to the Bay Area since being elected president.

Though, as is typical policy, the White House has not disclosed where Obama will be staying the night, the Chron notes that he usually rests his head at SF's Hotel Intercontinental (888 Howard Street in SoMa) when in the Bay Area. (Update: According to the press pool report, Obama is actually staying at the Fairmont, in Nob Hill.)

Therefore, it's safe to assume that 101 and 280, at least the northbound routes, will have serious delays during the commute hour as Obama travels from the airport to SF, and that SoMa streets will be closed to accommodate him as he heads to his hotel this evening.

Friday, he'll head back down the freeway for a White House sponsored cybersecurity event at Stanford, where the Chron says he is expected to "bring the sexy back," an allusion to a nearly ten-year-old song recorded by former boy band sensation Justin Timberlake.

As befits someone who inspires references to past-the-sell-by-date songs, Obama will then head back to SF (so, more road closures and backups) for a Friday night dinner with, as we previously reported, Russian Hill rich people Sanford and Jeanne Robertson and 60-or-so people who paid $10K for the meal, a photo with POTUS, and a Q&A.

After the dinner, Obama is presently scheduled to return to his hotel (say it with me, road closures again), then will depart SFO on Saturday morning.

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