Even though it's goddamn February, it's time to start thinking about Burning Man again, Burners. You don't want to miss seeing/frowning upon that jumbo jet turned into an art-car!

Today, Wednesday, at noon (Pacific Time), the registration books open to all those interested in buying tickets. You won't yet be able to buy your ticket until next Wednesday, February 18, but as most of you probably know, registration is the extra hoop through which you must somersault just in order to show your interest and be eligible to purchase a ticket next week — and this has something to do with discouraging scalping, but that's going to happen to anyway!

And this of course is if you are not rich enough to have already registered for and purchased your early-bird ticket, which this year would have run you $800, and which already went on sale a couple weeks ago. As the Chron notes, those sold out fast, per usual.

Individual tickets at $390 are limited to 40,000, and regardless of how quickly you register between today at noon and Saturday at noon, ticket sales are still first-come, first-serve, starting at noon on February 18. And you can start the process by first filling out a Burner Profile. And I'd suggest being mighty quick-fingered, and/or receive help from some hacker friend with software geared toward fast ticket-buying, because those 40,000 tickets sold out in 15 minutes last year.

An additional 4,000 tickets are available by application, starting March 4, under the Low Income Ticket Program, for $190. And then another 1,000 tickets go on sale for procrastinators, at full price ($390) during the "OMG Sale" starting July 29.

Last year's headcount was 65,922, at least officially. It was also the first year that the festival was officially extended to 10 days, with early arrival and late checkouts permitted.

And it should go without saying that if you're planning to attend this year, despite the fact that's it's half Winklevosses and Elon Musks now, the expenses won't end with your $400 ticket, so you'd better start setting aside your lunch money now.

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