For the second time in recent years, former San Francisco mayor and current Lieutenant Governor of California Gavin Newsom will run for Governor of California, he announced in a "personal" email sent to supporters (and others, like me) today.

Newsom, who dropped out of the Gov race in 2009 (reportedly, to give Jerry Brown a clear shot at the seat), said in his email that "I’ve never been a fan of pretense or procrastination...So today I’m announcing that I’m creating a committee to run for California Governor in 2018."

The Marin County resident says that "over the next four years, my advocacy and efforts on these issues as your Lieutenant Governor will continue unabated...But the reality of running for Governor - even four years from now - in America’s largest, most diverse state demands that I start raising resources now."

And just a few days after it was announced that his one-time consigliere/sock-puppet Peter Ragone was returning to California! What are the chances!?!

It's unclear if Newsom realizes that being governor would require him to regularly leave his nifty little co-working space in San Francisco for Sacramento, a city he famously referred to as "I just, ugh, God."

Guess he has a couple years to figure that one out. Anyway, here's the full text of his announcement note, including his campaign's nifty little logo.

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