Construction has begun at KitTea in Hayes Valley, with the delayed but now back-on-track cat cafe hoping to open in April according Eater. Though it won't be the first of it's kind in the Bay Area — that honor belongs to Oakland's Cat Town Cafe, which opened last October — KitTea is already an internet sensation on par with, say, a great cat video.

Founders Courtney Hatt and Lisa Tsubouchi are hard at work on the space at Gough and Page, renderings of which SFist published back in September. Eater also has word that the cat cohort will be kittens, since they're better able to adjust to new spaces (that's per the cafe's cat consultant).

Cats will be adopted from KitTea and new ones (no more than ten at a time, according to KitTea's website) will cycle in. The cafe will work with Give Me Shelter, a cat rescue nonprofit, and even the Petco Foundation is involved to help with the construction of a feline recreation area.

Last, since this is San Francisco, you'll be able to sign up online for a cat-petting reservation.

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