Well, for this edition of Apartment Sadness, I bring you not another Craigslist ad for a ridiculously sad living space, but a tale of sadness from a "full-time employed programmer" on Reddit who just, gosh darnit, wants to save some money by living out of his tent for a while.

Infuriatingly, he says he makes over $100K a year and works at "an amazing company," but he feels like $2400 a month is too much to spend on rent. How's a guy going to save for a down payment on a sweet condo?! So, he'd rather be homeless for now.

I've heard about google employees that live out of their cars in the parking lot to save money so now...

I want to get rid of my apartment, put all my stuff in climate-controlled storage, and live in my tent somewhere. Question is, where?

Where can I go set up and spend nights without being bothered by police/dangerous people?

Now, some of you are going to recommend he just relocate to the outer Bay Area, somewhere like Martinez, perhaps, where rents are a bit cheaper. Others might be wondering why doesn't he just get a share, or perhaps save $900 a month off his current rent by bunking in one of these techie communes, living in a private closet for $1500 a month.

But no. He says he can shower at work, and he clearly has no interest in dating a human who might look down on his homelessness. As he puts it, "I know it seems crazy but I enjoy living in my tent."

Considering camping isn't allowed in SF parks, he's basically shit out of luck Ā— he says Golden Gate Park seems "dangerous," but yes, it's flat-out illegal to camp there, and the hippies who try it regularly get cited and run out of there. There is camping allowed in the Presidio, but even that's not free ($125 per night), and requires reservations.

Any suggestions? Should he maybe just go back to North Carolina where he came from?

I'm sure he'd appreciate any help you'd like to offer in the comments.