A massive piece of real estate, albeit 26 feet below ground under Civic Center Plaza, might be turning into something fun someday, as KTVU is reporting. The 90,000-square-foot, city-owned storage facility which was once part of Bill Graham Auditorium is currently home to reams and boxes of city archives, furniture from the old public library, and various other detritus, and apparently the city is finally talking about clearing it all out.

As you can see in the video above, the huge space is piled with stuff, and it's sometimes referred to as "the City's attic." It's been dead storage for over two decades, and if you've ever wondered what was at the bottom of those padlocked stairwells off Civic Center Plaza, this is it.

There's been no exact plan for the space publicized yet, but San Francisco Director of Real Estate John Updike (no relation to the author) says they're looking into a "better use" that's "integrated with what's going on up on the civic plaza."

What will it be?! Bowling alley? Paintball arena? The possibilities are endless, really. Just please not another artisanal food court.