Look out, Fernet, because the Bay Area could have a new favorite drink. Bevmo's blog has word that E-40's SLURICANE Hurricane is on sale now. It's a pre-mixed rum cocktail drink made by the Bay Area rap legend E-40 and it is indeed named for the 1995 jam from E-40 and The Click on the album "Game Related."

Two decades after that album, E-40 a.k.a. Earl Stevens has introduced his own take on the New Orleans classic hurricane cocktail, a drink of which he reportedly became enamored during his college years at Grambling State University in Louisiana. No stranger to the beverage game, E-40 recently launched his own wine brand, Earl Stevens Selections, including a high-alcohol, fortified Moscato called "Mangoscato". And as the Sacramento Bee reported, sales were brisk in 2014, especially for a new label.

Oakland Local has sampled the 18% ABV (36 proof) SLURICANE elixir and recommends it. It will likely help you go dumb, but be advised: SLURICANE is not recommended for those about to ghostride the whip.