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When your relationship is going great, it shows. Maybe you always laugh at each other's jokes, or maybe you wait all day to spend the evening together. But if you and your special someone want some added fun and adventure in your lives, adding home-cooked meals to your repertoire can take you there.

And Plated, a startup that delivers ready-to-cook meals right to your door, can help you get started. Every one of their hand-packed boxes is filled with fresh, seasonal ingredients, including antibiotic-free meat, 100% domestic seafood, and produce fit for your local farmer's market. And here's the best part: When you sign up for Plated, you start making a habit out of these three things that happy couples do...


There's nothing better than the sense of accomplishment you get from cooking an incredible meal. Prepare it with your partner and the feeling only gets multiplied. Plated's ingredients are pre-portioned, and each recipe card is clearly laid out with photos, so you two can divide and conquer an awesome dish you might have never attempted before.


You want meat; he wants fish. You want to indulge in something rich; he wants to load up on veggies. You don't always agree, but with Plated you don't have to—when it comes to dinner, at least. Plated's menu sports nine new meals each week, so you'll always have plenty of options—and, of course, you and your partner can each order whatever dishes you want.


A strong relationship is about more than sitting on the couch watching whatever the DVR recorded that day. Spend your evenings together in the kitchen and around the dinner table, and the quality conversations that follow will take your bond to the next level. Kick it off with a tried-and-true “How was your day?” and you may end up asking another important question: “Do you want seconds?”

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