This shit is art.

KATSU, a well-known, New York-based hacker, vandal, and graffiti artist who has repeatedly lampooned technology in his work, has now used his own feces to paint a portrait of Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg, as spotted by The Daily What.

This isn't the first time KATSU has pummeled the archetypical techie. He already caused a splash with a series of wheat pastings picturing Zuckerberg with a black eye.

The newest work is part of an exhibition at New York gallery The Hole. The sui-generis piece is likely a self-conscious nod to Piero Manzoni, an artist who famously canned and sold his feces in 1961. It would also seem to be a gesture to Marcel Duchamp, who worked with semen, and Andy Warhol, who worked with more semen. And let's not forget Chris Ofili's famed elephant-dung madonna.

KATSU's recent work has included placing his tags in the popular game Minecraft and creating graffiti drones.

But is this KATSU's chef d'oeuvre? Hopefully, art scholars will give the portrait a smell-test, because KATSU has duped us before, as in this shopped video of him "tagging" a Picasso.