Shoppers at a Bay Area Macy's were in for a shock Wednesday afternoon, when a Honda Fit driven by a woman suffering from a "medical episode" careened through the store, finally crashing in the men's department.

It was 4:48 Wednesday afternoon when the 63-year-old woman piloted her car through the front glass door of the Macy's in Newark's NewPark Mall. KPIX reports that the driver of the blue hatchback "cut a path through the parking lot and through the front doors, stopping 80 feet inside the store, in the men’s department."

According to NBC Bay Area, officials believe that the car was traveling at about 50 miles per hour as it slammed into the store. Newark police told KPIX that "there are no signs that the driver tried to stop in the parking lot, and that the braking skid marks only started inside the department store," hence their theory that the driver was unwell at the time of the crash.

Six people were injured, four from the collision itself, and two more with what officials call "'secondary injuries,' meaning they were not directly hurt when the car drove into the store but required medical attention," the Chron reports.

By Thursday, the Fit had been towed from the men's department, and the store had reopened, NBC Bay Area reports.